Flaming 16Days #Tech2EndGBV

Flaming | #16Days 2020

Flaming (online fighting) is Cyberbullying! It occurs when someone posts about or directly sends insults, name-calling, displays verbal hostility and profanity to their target. Flaming is similar to trolling, but will usually be a more direct attack on a victim to draw them into online fights and is often as a result of a heated …

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Image-based Violence and Cyberbullying

Image-based Violence and Cyberbullying

For those unfamiliar with the term, image-based violence or revenge porn, refers to persons who maliciously share naked, nude or sexually explicit photos of someone else without their permission. It can be distributed via social media, text messages, emails or even uploaded onto pornographic websites. The intention is usually to humiliate someone, or gain financial …

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#Tech2EndGBV Campaign

#Tech2EndGBV | A Digital Campaign to Educate Nonprofits on Technology Facilitated GBV

06 July 2020 – 06 August 2020 Technology-facilitated GBV is the action by one or more people that harms others based on their sexual or gender identity or by enforcing harmful gender norms. This action is carried out using the internet and/or mobile technology and includes stalking, bullying, sexual harassment, defamation, hate speech and exploitation. …

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Cyberbullying | 2019 #16DaysOfActivism

Cyberbullying on Social Media – what is it and how can you prevent it by Dove South Africa In today’s digital age, image plays a more prominent part in young people’s lives than in previous generations. In a world of selfies and social media, ever-present camera-phones and easy-to-use editing software, it’s hardly surprising that appearance …

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Help end Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying 2 | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

How can your organisation help beneficiaries that are being cyber-bullied? RECOGNIZE How do you recognize someone that is being bullied? How do you recognize someone that is a bully? Has your organisation developed an identification process for the above? RESEARCH Are you familiar with the social media apps children are using? Do you monitor online …

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Cyberbullying 1 | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

CYBERBULLYING FACTS 1 in 3 children aged 9 – 13 have been or are currently either being cyberbullied or are the cyberbully All children will at one point in their schooling career witness an act of bullying Bullying leads to low self-esteem Bullying leads to 15% increase in absenteeism Bullying leads to depression Bullying is …

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