October 2019 #Tech2EndGBV Tech Clinics – South Africa

#Tech2EndGBV October 2019 TechClinic Coverage  Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC has a capacity building programme known as #Tech2EndGBV. The sole purpose of this programme is to offer tech tools to NGOs that can help in eradicating gender-based violence.  During the month of October 2019, we launched weekly TechClinics for local nonprofits in Somerset West and surrounding areas around the subject of GBV. 

Images | 2018

Images | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

Two frequently asked questions relating to images of children and GBV victims being used by nonprofit organisations are: Do I need permission to post my beneficiaries’ photo online? Can images of children be used in GBV related posts online, legally? Karen Pillay, who is an independent development practitioner committed to advancing the human rights of women …

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