Online Stalkers | 2019 #16DaysOfActivism

Advocacy group Working to Halt Online Abuse (WHO@) publishes comprehensive statistics on cyberstalking and online harassment. According to this information, victims of online stalking are spread evenly across all age groups, although over the past decade the number of males being stalked online has almost doubled. An estimated 1 in 12 women in the US has experienced …

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Cyberbullying | 2019 #16DaysOfActivism

Cyberbullying on Social Media – what is it and how can you prevent it by Dove South Africa In today’s digital age, image plays a more prominent part in young people’s lives than in previous generations. In a world of selfies and social media, ever-present camera-phones and easy-to-use editing software, it’s hardly surprising that appearance …

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October 2019 #Tech2EndGBV Tech Clinics – South Africa

#Tech2EndGBV October 2019 TechClinic Coverage  Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC has a capacity building programme known as #Tech2EndGBV. The sole purpose of this programme is to offer tech tools to NGOs that can help in eradicating gender-based violence.  During the month of October 2019, we launched weekly TechClinics for local nonprofits in Somerset West and surrounding areas around the subject of GBV. 

Help end Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying 2 | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

How can your organisation help beneficiaries that are being cyber-bullied? RECOGNIZE How do you recognize someone that is being bullied? How do you recognize someone that is a bully? Has your organisation developed an identification process for the above? RESEARCH Are you familiar with the social media apps children are using? Do you monitor online …

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Cyberbullying 1 | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

CYBERBULLYING FACTS 1 in 3 children aged 9 – 13 have been or are currently either being cyberbullied or are the cyberbully All children will at one point in their schooling career witness an act of bullying Bullying leads to low self-esteem Bullying leads to 15% increase in absenteeism Bullying leads to depression Bullying is …

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