Month: July 2020

Online Safety #Tech2EndGBV

Online Safety

Online safety: striving to be safe on the internet and the act of maximizing a user’s awareness of personal safety and security risks to private information and property associated with using the internet, and the self-protection from computer crime. For women and girls who are less computer and internet literate it is as vital that they are educated on how to stay safe online as …

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Online Manipulation #Tech2EndGBV

Online Manipulation

Online Manipulation is when someone, uses the internet or online tools to trick, pressure or force you into doing something you wouldn’t usually do. The abuser / groomer will make you feel good, admired and appreciated. He/She will work very hard to make an emotional connection with you as this will help him/her gain your trust …

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Image-based Violence and Cyberbullying

Image-based Violence and Cyberbullying

For those unfamiliar with the term, image-based violence or revenge porn, refers to persons who maliciously share naked, nude or sexually explicit photos of someone else without their permission. It can be distributed via social media, text messages, emails or even uploaded onto pornographic websites. The intention is usually to humiliate someone, or gain financial …

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#Tech2EndGBV Campaign

#Tech2EndGBV | A Digital Campaign to Educate Nonprofits on Technology Facilitated GBV

06 July 2020 – 06 August 2020 Technology-facilitated GBV is the action by one or more people that harms others based on their sexual or gender identity or by enforcing harmful gender norms. This action is carried out using the internet and/or mobile technology and includes stalking, bullying, sexual harassment, defamation, hate speech and exploitation. …

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How To Browse The Internet Safely

How To Browse The Internet Safely

The internet has provided women the opportunity and space to have their say, react and voice opinions on patriarchy, opinions, and many other topics that they have never been able to speak out about before. Sadly, women can also experience online harassment, threats, racist and/or gender slandering which leaves them feeling violated and not able …

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