Author: tech2endgbv

Sep 27

#Tech2EndGBV Gender-Based Violence TechClinics

#Tech2EndGBV is a capacity building programme of Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC and provides civil society with the tech tools required to advocate against gender-based violence.  Our TechClinics are based on a train-the-trainer methodology and your Nonprofit will be given resources and tools to take back to your community.  Who should attend our upcoming Tech […]

Sep 12

What does VAW, GBV and SGBV mean?

VAW stands for VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN GBV stands for GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE SGBV stands for SEXUAL GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE These violent acts are primarily or exclusively committed against women or girls. Such violence is often considered a form of hate crime, committed against women or girls specifically because they are female. Such violence may arise from a […]

Aug 05

#HearMeToo Digital Storytelling (16 Days of Activism 2019) Prompts – 1000 Women 1 Voice

As we prepare for #16DaysOfActivism 2019 we have partnered with 1000 Women 1 Voice (South Africa) and invite your Nonprofit Organisation to join the 2019 #HearMeToo Digital Storytelling Challenge. #HearMeToo encourages gender-based violence victims to SHARE their stories as part of the healing process but also to inspire other women and girls to speak out, […]

Dec 09

Storytelling | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

What is Digital Storytelling? Digital Storytelling (DST) is a workshop-based methodology that focuses on the everyday person’s ability to share aspects of their life story. It is grounded in the storytellers’ control over the medium – words, images and audio – so that the process of learning and production is as powerful for the storyteller as the end product is for the audience. A […]

Dec 08

Sexting | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

SOURCE: INTERNET SAFETY 101 Cell phone users, often teens and “tweens”, create provocative and nude, sexual images or videos of themselves using their cell phone’s built-in digital camera. Sexting (or “sex texting) is the sharing and receiving of sexually explicit messages and nude or partially nude images via cellphone. In a recent survey from the […]

Dec 07

Trolls | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

SOURCE: TAKE BACK THE TECH A. What is trolling and who are these trolls? There is a point at which a certain group of people decide that you have too much influence and make it their mission to silence or discredit you. This is commonly referred to as “trolling,” and the attacks are usually targeted […]

Dec 06

Influencers | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

African Women in Dialogue – @AWIDafrica AWID is an inclusive annual platform of dialogue that seeks to unite African women from all walks of life. Follow @AWIDafrica Women ICT Advocacy G – @ICTWomenUganda Women ICT Advocacy Group(WIAG) is an advocacy group spearheaded by WOUGNET that advocates or campaigns for Internet Access for all in Uganda. Follow […]

Online Campaigns
Dec 05

Online Campaigns | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

“In April 2014, the Association for Progressive Communications, APC, organized a Global Meeting on Gender, Sexuality and the Internet in Port Dickson, Malaysia, bringing together 50 participants from six continents comprising gender and women’s rights activists, LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans* and intersex) movements, internet and technology rights organizations, and human rights advocates. The goal […]

Safety Apps
Dec 04

Safety Apps | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

Namola – South Africa Namola is an app that helps you receive emergency assistance when you need it most. Watch the video below to see the Namola features. To learn more about the Namola app please click here. 1000 Women 1 Voice – Southern Africa 1000 Women 1Voice is a project of the 1000 Women […]

Facebook | 2018 | #16DaysOfActivism
Dec 03

Facebook | 2018 #16DaysOfActivism

Facebook is committed to helping it’s users remain safe online and they have developed a Safety Centre which can be found here. The center explores three main pillars of safety being: Staying Safe – Sharing | Friendship | Reporting Securing Your Account – Passwords | Login | Scams | Hacked Accounts Protecting Your Information – […]